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Juicies Event Pack
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Juicies Event Pack

Original Juicies are a well known, popular product that kids love. Made from real fruit and 100% natural, they're also healthier than many other fundraising options on offer such as lollies, cookies or chocolate.

A Juicies fundraiser is easy to organise and run and offers good profit margins.

Selling Juicies at a summer event is a great way to raise money. Events that attract a lot of children and families are perfect - school galas, fairs, sports days, festivals, beach days, sausage sizzles or A&P shows.

Price is for one event pack (4 x cartons of 40 Juicies).

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Product Information

Each Juicies Event Pack contains a total of 160 Juicies

  • 4 cartons of 40x100mL Original Juicies in four popular flavours – Tropical, Wildberry, Lemonade and Apple (40 of each flavour)
  • A free promotional poster to use at the event

Storage and Handling

  • Your Juicies Event pack will be delivered unfrozen
  • Freeze your Juicies in their boxes for a few days prior to the event
  • Put the frozen cartons into a chilly bin to take them to your event. They will stay frozen for about six hours. You don’t need ice.
  • Don’t worry if they thaw out a little – they are still nice to eat slushy or you can drink them as a juice!
  • If you don’t sell all your Juicies on the day, its fine to refreeze them
  • Original Juicies have a 9 month shelf -life if stored unfrozen or 21 months if kept frozen

Our recommended retail price is $2.00 each.

PLEASE NOTE - There is no print or setups with this product, but FREE freight is included. This produce can NOT be used with promotions or vouchers.

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