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How to Run a Successful Fundraising Campaign

To experience the ultimate hassle-free fundraising campaign just follow our easy step by step guideline below.

Step 1

Reach out to one of our fundraising experts to lodge your enquiry [email protected] or submit your interest with our easy member online enquiry form. This will ensure we have the best information to help your campaign a huge success.

Organisation Details
Fundraising Target
Fundraising Organiser

Step 2

Finalise your fundraising product of choice from our online catalogue.

Let your Fundraise Factory specialist know, and we will send FREE visuals and FREE samples to your school.

Two weeks prior to your fundraising campaign we will supply you with a free template to send your families and community with the first newsletter/email announcing your up and coming Fundraiser.

The week leading up to your campaign, we will supply you with a free template to send to your families and community with the second newsletter/email announcing that your Fundraising campaign is starting that week.

Step 3

Depending on the product you have chosen for your campaign, you can now start taking pre orders, OR send the children home with the products.

For example: If you have selected clothes pegs, each child will take home a box of of pegs (10 packets) to sell with an easy flyer explaining how the fundraiser will work and ideas around who and how to sell the products.

Our products are easy to sell with great profits per item.

Step 4

On the last week of your fundraising campaign, send out a final letter to your families and community explaining it’s the final chance to take part in your exciting fundraiser.

Step 5

Collect all the money and any unsold products. Tally up the winners for your campaign, and organise a special assembly to present the prizes donated by Fundraise Factory. Ensure everyone has paid and returned stock before having your final assembly.

Step 6

Lastly, but most importantly, send home a newsletter/email to thank your families and community for the generous support and publish the profit your campaign made and add it into your school, club or community newsletter.