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The benefits of using Sustainable Products for your next fundraising campaign

The benefits of using Sustainable Products for your next fundraising campaign

The benefits of Sustainable Products for the Environment

It is becoming critical for our future generations and the protection of our environment that we are eco-friendly and ethical in the products we use in our day to day life.

Using sustainable products in our daily lives promotes green living which helps to conserve energy and preserve our environment preventing air, water and noise pollution.

So, how can you become more eco-friendly?

Being focused on not harming the environment and becoming aware of how different choices affect the environment, is the best place to start.

Using sustainable products rather than products that are not ethically created and reusable will reduce the impact on the environment and preserve the natural resources. Products that are recyclable and sustainable will stop filling up the landfills which are an unsustainable form of waste management.

National Geographic estimated that the amount of plastic bags that enter our oceans every year is over eight million tonnes. This is a staggering figure and should encourage people from all walks of life to do our bit to eliminate single-use plastic bags because they are the major contributor to this massive amount of plastic that is polluting our planet.

How to add sustainable products to your daily life

A place to start your eco-friendly journey is in your children’s lunchboxes. Being conscious of what you pack and having no plastic in lunch boxes will help to stop polluting the environment. There is a global community of schools, colleges and universities working to reduce plastic waste and join the Plastic Free Schools program which encourages education, collaboration, investigation and action to help find solutions to find plastic-free alternatives. There are plenty of affordable ways to pack a waste-free lunchbox, and keep NZ beautiful!

Another great way to add some sustainable products to your family’s life is wrapping your child’s or family members sandwiches in a reusable sandwich wrap. These wraps are designed to fit a sandwich, bun, roll or bagel and have a velcro closure that is adjustable. They are hygienic with a food grade film which is waterproof and can be wiped clean or put in a washing machine. There are plenty of cool colours and fun designs available to add a little ethical element to your daily lunch.

Purchasing a reusable coffee cup to take with you when you next grab a coffee at your local cafe will also eliminate waste and products in the landfill. There are an estimated 2.8 billion takeaway cups and lids put into landfill every year. You can help to reduce this use of disposable coffee cups by bringing your own cup. With plenty of different sizes and designs available, you are sure to find the perfect cup to enjoy your morning brew and at the same time doing your bit for the environment.

Plastic straws are another huge part of the landfill dilemma, globally 360 tonnes of plastic straws are thrown away daily! Be eco-friendly and say no to straws when you are offered one in a restaurant, cafe or takeaway store. There are fantastic alternatives available which are stainless steel drinking straws which are stylish and cool but best of all help the environment as well.

There are plenty of other products available to help reduce the amount of plastic you use. You can find products online at Fundraise Factory that are environmentally friendly and reusable. These products will replace the need for all single-use plastic bags and other products that are not environmentally friendly and get you well on your way to being the eco-friendly warrior that you have always wanted to be.

Whether you’re planning a school or club fundraiser or you’re looking for some innovative fundraising ideas for your sports team, event, not for profit organisation, community group or for an individual fundraiser, Fundraise Factory has a wide range of premium and relevant educational products to support your fundraising campaign. We help our customer create successful fundraising campaigns – phone us today to explore our ethical products on 0800 784 785.

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