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Fundraising ideas for Mother's Day stalls

Fundraising ideas for Mother's Day stalls

Who can forget the excitement of the Mother’s Day stall at primary school? Getting a few dollars from your piggy bank, choosing your item, wrapping it up and presenting it to your mum amongst their tray of breakfast in bed on their special day.

Mother’s Day stalls are not only a wonderful way to commemorate your mother, but also a fantastic way to drive school fundraising. Ideally, the entire school is your target market plus teachers, so you do have a captive audience for your fundraising activities.

For your Mother’s Day event to be a success, set your stall date, set a budget for gift purchases, outline your profit expectations with the fundraising committee so you can set your selling price for the stall items, gather your volunteers, source your gift products, wrap your presents, and present your items at the stall – it’s really that simple.

There are plenty of companies that provide Mother’s Day gifts in bulk for you to source and provide for your school fundraising stall.

By focusing on a theme or a range of tried and tested gifts, you can provide a valuable service for your school community with the added benefit of a great fundraising activity that is a well-known favourite for school children, parents and educators alike.

In this article, we’ve outlined some of our top ideas for Mother’s Day stalls ideas for you to add to your school fundraising calendar.

Mother’s Day Stall Ideas

  • High tea stall
  • Stems of Roses with personalised note
  • Personalised candle
  • Potted colour plant
  • Recipe book
  • Personalised Tea towel
  • Apron set
  • Personal manicure kits
  • Handmade soap packs
  • Personalised coffee mug
  • Teacup set
  • Hand lotion set
  • Personalised tote bag
  • Stylish compost bin
  • Personalised hat
  • Clothes line peg tin
  • Stylish salad servers
  • Quality ballpoint pen
  • Wine glasses
  • Slippers

The list really does go on when it comes to Mother’s Day stall ideas and many items can be personalised or branded with a special message such as ‘Mother’s Day 2017’ or ‘I love you mum’ – what ever you think is suitable for your school fundraiser.

It’s always best to ask for a catalogue of items when you’re looking to arrange a Mother’s Day fundraising stall and source bulk items that will last should all items not be sold at your stall. There are literally thousands of ideas out there that can be personalised, branded or hand painted on that are brilliant options for Mother’s Day.

Keep in mind that you’re catering for a wide range of age groups and for younger children such as pre-schoolers a small gift or a few dollars is perfectly suited rather than an expensive gift, the thought really does count when it comes to Mother’s Day.

When you are looking to put on a Mother’s Day stall, consider making the experience one to remember by setting up a special night market experience for the children at your school or a lunchtime market to add a little thrill to the present purchasing process – or better still, create an event that pampers mum’s so they can enjoy the entire experience with their child.

While presents are an excellent idea that can be treasured forever, experiences can also be lots of fun for school fundraisers. Ideas such as a high tea, fashion parade, brunch, pamper session or movie night for Mother’s Day are always well received and something to consider if you’re looking to put on an event for your school community.

Whatever your school fundraising committee decided upon for your Mother’s Day event or stall it’s sure to be one to remember. Always remember to market the event and get the word out to ensure students and the school community support your event and take part in the fundraising aspect of the festivities.


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