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Effective Fundraising Tips for Busy Parents

Effective Fundraising Tips for Busy Parents

Very Simple Concept - Least Effort = Most Profit

Fundraising has traditionally been a great way to raise much needed additional funds for schools, daycare's, individuals and not for profit groups. Many successful fundraising campaigns encourage the community to come together to achieve a fundraising goal or purpose.

In the past, the most common and known “go to” fundraisers were the trusty cake stalls, raffles, car washes, discos and chocolates. As many families are now time poor as both parents having to work , volunteering is now a difficult thing to offer, which means when it comes to school fundraising, it’s important to find some easy and effective fundraising ideas so busy parents can still get involved. Our motto is least effort, for the most profit.

We’ve put together below some great quick and easy school fundraising ideas below!

Below you will find some very easy to sell items that people want and need as they are useful. These types of products ensure your school is getting the support and $$$$ you need from time poor parents , so they can still be involved and help by simply selling and ordering the products you select. There is no need to commit the time they don’t have to old school fundraisers.

The concept is very simple, you select a product you love and suits your purpose, we will send you order forms and flyers. Your group or school take pre-orders, (this ensures you only order and pay for what you need) You place your order, we will customize your selected products with your slogan, logo or brand and deliver to your door a week later. *Select your Product *Take pre- orders *Place your order *Products are delivered 7-10 days later.

Reuseable Sandwich Wraps – Great idea to reduce single use plastic!
This sandwich wrap is an eco-friendly reusable food wrap . It eliminates the need for single use plastic food wrap and ensures lunch boxes are waste free. It has a handy Velcro closure which ensures it is fully adjustable and keeps the food snug. It has a hygienic internal layer of food grade EVA film which is waterproof and can be wiped clean or washed in a washing machine. You buy for $8.00 each & Sell for $15.00 each.

Eco Produce Bags – Say NO to plastic bags with this handy set!
National Geographic has estimated that eight million tonnes of plastic enters the oceans every year. We all need to help reduce or eliminate single use plastic products as they are one of the biggest contributors to the massive amount of plastic pollution on our planet. These set of five reusable mesh produce bags with a drawstring closure and handy cary bag are a great fundraiser. They can be washed and reused many times and are designed for transporting fruit and vegetables while allowing them to "breathe" so they arrive home in the best possible condition. You buy for $8.00 each & Sell for $15.00 each.

Cotton Custom Tea Towels – Fun for the kids & huge profits
Tea Towels are one of our TOP 10 products, they are a useful gift and a creative fun project for all kids to see their own artwork on something tangible that you can keep hold of as a memento of their childhood. The profits are great for fundraising projects and we have made the whole process hassle free. They are a fabulous, fun, artistic and great fundraising product and gift. Also great for Christmas gifts, themed times like Easter, Mothers Day and also great for reunions. Pricing starts from $4.95 per teatowel, we recommend selling for $12.00 each or two for $20.00

Lucky Dips for Events & Discos – Kids LOVE our disco lucky dip packs
Our Lucky Dip packs are a huge hit for events and discos. The lucky dip packs come with useful kids gifts, gift wrap rolls are included. Once we know how many students you have at your school, and rough ratio we will supply enough gifts and wrapping for your event. We split it up half for boys and half for girls, some of the stocks are unisex, ie: frisbees, yo yo's etc. These are the EASIEST fundraiser at any school, community or church event. You buy for $1.85 + gst per gift and sell for $3.00 per lucky dip.

Whether you’re planning a school or club fundraiser or you’re looking for some innovative fundraising ideas for your sports team, event, not for profit organisation, community group or for an individual fundraiser, Fundraise Factory has a wide range of premium and relevant educational products to support your fundraising campaign.

We help our customer create successful fundraising campaigns – phone us today to explore our ethical products on 0800 784 785.


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