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A-Z  Ultimate Fundraising Ideas

A-Z Ultimate Fundraising Ideas

We know fundraising can be frustrating and hard work for busy working families, whether you are trying to raise funds for your child’s overseas trip, your school or charity there is always a target you need to reach, so we have created the below A - Z fundraising guide of ideas.

By using our great products and events we take the hassle out your fundraising plans and make your events fun with great profits. The ultimate goal is to fundraise smarter, NOT harder!

By working with fundraise factory you will have a great experience, and it will be the least effort for great profits. Now why wouldn’t you want to use us? Get in touch for free samples, free visuals or any guidance for your next fundraising campaign.

A - Animals

Animal fundraisers are a great for any school, animal Charity's and animal lovers.

We have two popular products just for our furry friends:

1 - doggy bag dispenser and torch, great for when you take your dog for a walk especially with these darker winter evenings.

2 - Dog leash we have 12 colours available in our dog leash and with your custom one colour print it is a great way to get your brand out there.

B - Bike

We have an awesome bike fundraiser that caters to just about anyone, its so simple to:

We recommend you sell 100 Raffle tickets (we can also provide these) for your cause at $50.00 they go in the draw to win one of these bikes, you will make $1500 profit.

(This includes your custom one colour print, FREE setups and FREE freight)

C - Colour Run

We have 3 colour run options available from 250 people to 1000 people (we can also do custom packages)

They all include:

- The coloured powder (7 colour options)

- White t-shirts with a custom one colour print for each participant (sizes 1 year to 6XL)

- 24 squeeze bottles (more available on request)

- Wristbands to use as your ticket/entry with a one colour custom print

- A large 1200 x 2000 PVC full colour banner.

D - Design a Tattoo

We have a wide range of temporary tattoos available and will customize these with your logo!

Printed with people friendly FDA & CE certified non-toxic metallic ink and is a safe, fun product, ideal for interactive fundraising, awareness campaigns even birthdays, clubs and school events.

E - Events

We have a wide range of event ideas and event packs for your fundraising campaign.

As well as all the products you will need to make them a huge success.

Things like wristbands, raffle tickets, t-shirts, collection buckets, ID holders, Hi Vis vests and much more!

F - Food Products

Food and food related products are a great and easy way to fundraise!

We have things like honey, bottled water, beef jerky, fruit and nut mixes plus more!

We also do things like cling wrap, bottles of water, cotton produce bags and food clips to keep things sealed and fresh.

G - Glow stick party pack

Our Glow stick party ranges are fabulous for any event or school/club or charity disco.

These are hugely popular with the kids, so whilst being a fun product to sell, these are really profitable for your event.

We have 5 options to choose from, The traditional wands on a lanyard, bracelets, necklaces, glow in the dark face paint.

H - Honey

Get your own honey pots 500gm or 1kg with your custom logo or branding on them!

By far our most popular eating honey is that produced from the nectar of the Towai tree (also known as Kāmahi).

With hints of Rata, Rewa Rewa, 5-finger and a teeny tiny amount of Mānuka, this sweet, delicate Native Flora honey is a perfect all-round table honey, loved by adults and children alike, and honey never expires!

I - Individuals

We have a whole section on our website dedicated to Fundraising for individuals.

We have things like t-shirts, tote bags, first aid kits, soaps, pegs and much more for your individual fundraising campaigns.

J - Jandals

In NZ we love summer what a great fundraising idea for schools, clubs or pretty much anyone! Get your logo in a full colour print on these custom flip flops.

They come in children's sizes all the way up to XL sizes!

K - Kids t-shirts

We have kids t-shirts in 26 different colours, the price also includes a one colour print of your choice FREE setups and FREE freight!

These t-shirts are great for sport teams, uniforms, reunions and much more plus they also come in an adults and ladies styles!

L - Lucky dip packs

These are the EASIEST fundraiser at any school, community or church event.

Our Lucky Dip packs come gift wrapped and delivered direct to you.

Once we know how many students you have, and rough ratio we will supply enough gifts for your event.

We DON'T sell junk, our prize packs are full of useful relevant up to date things that kids need and want.

M - Men's products

We have a wide range of men's products on our website from things like duffel bags and watches to t-shirts jackets and ties.

We also have a wide range of men's clothing on our clearance section on the website, check it out for yourself.

N - Not for profit

We have a range of key items for not for profit organizations.

- Awareness ribbons

- Donation boxes and collector buckets and aprons

- Raffle ticket books

- As well as things for events like selfie frames and branded bottled water.

All of these things will play a roll and help you make money for your not for profit organization.{page}

O - One for one

Sponsors are great for fundraisers and because we include a one colour print for all of our products your sponsors will get there brand out there and you will make money for your campaign.

The one for one idea is with every dollar made you get your sponsors to match it, dollar for dollar.

P - Pegs

Pegs are a great household item, we have plastic and wooden options available.

We also have a large range of other handy household items such as:

- Custom tea towels

- Aprons

- Scented candles

- Wash cloths and micro fibre cloths

- Food clips

Q - Quebec folding stool

The Quebec folding stool is light weight and easy to carry, great for kids sports events the beach or even camping.

We also have a folding chair option for more support.

R - Rock-It


Keeping physically active is a key factor for healthy living!

Maintaining strength and balance are crucial elements for health and longevity!

Using a rock-it board is one very Simple, Effective and FUN way to help us achieve all these goals!

Even a few minutes here and there, a gentle relaxing rock at the end of a hard day...or challenging yourself to a full-on rocking workout... you will be amazed at how good you begin to feel!

Rock-it boards provide a unique way for almost anyone, any age, to Get Moving!

We have the full range of Rock-It boards available on our website as well as packages for early childhood centres and schools.

S - Soaptastic Fundraiser

With 5 easy steps this fundraiser is ideal for Early Childhood, Schools, Sports Clubs & Not for profit.

1. Select the soap packs you want to promote (you can select different pack options)

2. Send us your logo and we will send you flyers and tools to help promote your fundraiser

3. Start your fundraising campaign and send home order forms

4. Email us the final order

5. We will send you custom soap products, certificates for kids


*We will send a 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize for your top selling people

Soaps come in: Natural goats milk, Clasique Coconut, Clasique Oatmeal, Clasique Tea Tree.

T - Tea Towels

Tea Towels are the PERFECT gift and a creative fun project for all kids to see their own artwork on something tangible that you can keep hold of as a memento of their childhood. The profits are great for a fundraising projects and we have made the whole process hassle free. They are a fabulous, fun, artistic and great fundraising product and gift.

All the information and free tools are on our website ready for you to get started.

U - Umbrellas

Umbrellas are something that will always be used, weather it be for the beach or the rain.

We have excellent Sports Umbrella for the winter months and UPF 50+ standard beach umbrellas for the summer.

Great fundraiser for sports clubs and teams as well as sun smart fundraisers for the hot NZ summer days.

V - Valentines day

Valentines Roses are a fun, easy and very profitable fundraiser.

You simply take orders for "Secret Admirer" Valentines Roses. We will supply you with order forums and templates for the children or work colleagues to pre pay, and supply a private note.

We then deliver you fresh, beautiful single stemmed Roses on Valentines Day.

You wont be disappointed with this LOVELY heart skipping fundriaser.

W - Women's products

We have a wide range of women's products on our website from things like nail files and candles to t-shirts jackets and polo's

We also have a wide range of women's clothing on our clearance section on the website, check it out for yourself.

X - Xtreme sports bottle

Water bottle fundraisers are awesome for sports clubs and teams and with so many options on our website you will be spoilt for choice.

We also do branded bottled water which is great for events or to keep the fridge stocked in the office or club rooms.

Y - Yearly collection

Lots of not for profit, individuals, charities and clubs rely on your generous donations year round.

We have donation boxes, collector aprons and buckets that make collecting donations so easy. You could even become a volunteer yourself and help your local community.

Z - Zinc sticks

NZ summers are hot, protect yourself from the sun with these lip balm zinc sticks in 4 different colours. These zinc sticks would be an awesome fundraiser for girl scouts, netball teams or dance clubs.

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